Steve Venini

Originally from the pacific northwest where I played the clubs and colleges throughout the  seventies, I ended up getting a gig at Jay’s in Islamorada in the early eighties as a sideman playing harp and acoustic guitar. After a day on the water with a fly rod in my hand I was ruined and have never left.

Having had the opportunity to work on several projects with other artists I finally decided to check off a bucket list item and make an album of some of the songs I’d written over the years. With the help of local legends Fiddlin’ Red Sideman, Jimmie McGuirl, Jesse Miller, and DownChild Blues Band founder Donnie Walsh, we came up with the first recording “Stonesoup Sessions”. The next album, “Now & Never” featured tracks from other legends of local renown Luke Sommer Glenn and Jimmy Hawkins with a then new kid Luke Ptomey on drums. The third album titled “Pamela Street” is when I ran into Chris Lute and was completely blown away with his guitar work. We’ve been working together now for six years and have never looked back. 

We are currently in the studio finishing up a new record called “Still Standing” at Sessions Recording in tavernier with Jesse Miller as engineer. It is bit more raw than the others and is closer to our live performances. Featuring some incredible guitar work from Chris and the always solid backbone of Luke Ptomey on the kit and journeyman Dave Bowman delivering on Bass.