Allan Truesdell & The Usual Suspects

Allan Truesdell was born and raised in Upstate NY.  His parents instilled a love of music into him at a young age.  While most families in the Late 60’s and 70’s spent their time watching television at the Truesdell household it was the family stereo that played.  When the television was turned on it was for a music or variety show.

Allan started teaching himself how to play guitar at the age of eight.  His father bought him an old “K” jumbo body acoustic complete with a pitch pipe (for tuning) and a Mel Bay chord book for $3.00 at a garage sale.  The chord book and Johnny Cash records were the primary source of his early music education.

From Jr High on Allan told his friends and family that someday music would be his living.

After College and several years in the corporate world Allan Resigned as VP of a technology company in 2001 to pursue music full-time.  Since that time Allan has performed primarily as a solo act thru-out the Eastern United States with several short stints with bands and duets.

Allan has made the upper Florida Keys his home and base of operations for the past ten years.  You can find him playing solo several nights a week or often with one of his partners in crime like Luke Sommer Glen. 

usual suspects

This past year though what has become Allans local claim to fame is his Tuesday Night Jam at the Ocean View in Islamorada.  A core group of acclaimed musicians has formed around Allan and the weekly event and they go by the name “The Usual Suspects”.  This group of  guys have developed a reputation that lures musicians from across the country to stop in and “jam” with the boys on Tuesdays including the great Taj Mahal.