AJEVA (ah-JAY-vuh) is a Progressive Funk, six piece powerhouse hailing from St. Petersburg, FL. They spread their message of peace, unity and higher consciousness through music with infectious grooves and driving energy. Composed of Reed Skahill (lead vox/guitar/keys), Taylor Gilchrist (bass), Travis Young (drums), Mark Mayea (lead keys), Elliot Dickenson (guitar) and Michael Nivens (lead guitar), Ajeva has been playing all over Florida and the South-East since March 2013. These gentlemen pride themselves on providing the ultimate voyage for your earholes, with an enthralling live show that will keep you watching and listening.
Band Members
Reed Skahill: Vocals/Guitar
Michael Nivens: Lead Guitar
Elliot Dickinson: Guitar
Mark Mayea: Keyboards
Taylor Gilchrist: Bass
Travis Young: Drums