Felix The Cat & BAGA TRICKS

Billy Rivera on bass and vocals 

Leo Dube on keyboards and vocals 

Mario Carvajal on drums 

Felix the Catt Hanson on guitar and lead vocals 

Felix (the Catt) Hanson IS Baga Tricks. He and a close friend, guitarist Ryan Wilson, came together and formed the band out of San Diego, Ca. in 1998 along with another friend, guitarist Jay Hooks and drummer Michael Robinson. After the release of their first album the band split and Felix retained the Baga Tricks name while Ryan and Jay went their way to form their band, 20WT. Originally from Miami and Florida Keys but raised in Jamaica, Felix started the art of bass playing at the age of thirteen. At age 15 he started playing bass for his father’s band, Jimmy Hawkins and the Cyclones, where he flourished as a musician. When it was time for him to branch off on his own, it was then that he and Ryan went to San Diego to give the music scene there a go. After 30 years of playing bass he decided to make the transition to guitar at which point he came together with long time friend Billy (DaKid) Rivera, bass player and vocalist,  to continue what is known today as Baga Tricks. Being raised in Jamaica, Felix has a domination of the reggae genre and it’s this talent that gives him the ability to take any song and put a reggae feel on it. His originals also have both, a reggae tone that make you feel like you’re in the islands and a blues sound that is exalted by musicians everywhere. The band’s influences are Barrington Levy, Eek-a-mouse, Peter Tosh and Bob Marley, to mention a few, for the reggae, Jimmy Hawkins, Steve Gaines, Freddy King, ZZ Top, again to mention a few, for the blues, and Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Beatles, etc. for the rock. Baga Tricks has performed at various festivals in the past, such as Hempfest 2000 in Eugene, Oregon, Bob Marley Festival 2009 in Miami, Fl. and has opened up for such acts as Eek-A-Mouse, Big Mountain, MutaBaruka, Pepper and other acts.


Billy (DaKid) Rivera began his musical career at the age of fifteen but not as hardcore as his guitar player. He would eventually meet Felix in the summer of ’89 where they began their friendship. Working as the roadie for Jimmy Hawkins & the Cyclones he eventually got his chance on the stage when they couldn’t find a suitable drummer and Felix, being multi- talented, took over on the skins. Billy slid into the bass player position where he stayed for quite some years. In 2013, when Felix made his transition from bass to guitar, Billy was asked by him if he wanted to put Baga Tricks together again and the rest is history.