Matt Phillips & the Back Pocket

att Phillips & the Back Pocket is a funkadellic bunch of Carrboro session musicians. Drawing from their experience playing jazz, classical, folk, gospel & world music, mp&p shows will lift your spirits & make your head rock. Matt comes from a long line of southern preachers, born in NC to a nurse & a psychologist. His lyrics are evocative & autobiographical, alluding to biblical history, transcendentalist literature, & notes from psych 101. With over 10,000 hours of performance experience, from the North Carolina Boys Choir to his first European Tour this fall. Matt will tell you the hardest truths in the sweetest way: “I must be onto something, ‘cause I smile when I play the blues.”


“Mother” added to Songpickr’s Best of 2016 playlist on release date 

Eddie’s Attic Songwriter Shootout Finalist 2016

WZMB Battle Of the Bands Winner 2012

ECU SAB Battle Of The Bands Winner 2011

ECU Stars Runner Up 2011



“Phillips accompanies his thoughtful lyrics with an acoustic guitar, organ, horns and drums to create peaceful tunes … Overall Matt Phillips and the Philharmonic’s whole album Move is a great pick-me-up for any day.” -Paste Magazine

“Matt Phillips & the Back Pocket features the young musical chameleon’s traditionally rooted, future-focused adventures through blues, folk, and gospel backed by a rotating cast of funk players.” – Spencer Griffith, Indyweek


“Matt is a singer, a songwriter, and plays a nice electric guitar, often backed by a band But, we’re not sure we’d try to pin the ‘singer/songwriter’ label on him – he’s far more than that.” – WHUP Pass The Hat

 “Their sound has been compared to groups such as Dave Matthews, a soulful pop sound with an essence of jazz. Not only is Phillips the front man and lead vocalist, but he writes as well. Their songs are stimulating and have that southern sound with an edgy flare.” -The East Carolinian

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