The Coconut Cowboys

 The “COCONUT COWBOYS” are known for their high-energy, non-stop “brand of entertainment” with a musical repertoire based around Classics Rock & Country. Described as “Hank Williams meets The Stones…who meets Metallica…who knows Skynyrd & Guns-N-Roses…who remembers George Jones”…the “COWBOYS” are sure to give you their “very best” each and every time they hit the stage with a tremendous variety of musical performances…and sometimes not comin’ off the stage “till the cows come home”! The “COWBOYS” feature John “The Hot Cowboy” on bass guitar, Lewis “Thunder” Rainbow” on drums, “Aloha” Steve on steel guitar, and Dan a.k.a. “The Coconut Cowboy”…leadin’ the way on vocals & guitar. If you are a “fan” of Classic Rock & Country from a host of legendary artist…then the “COCONUT COWBOYS” might be just to your likin’!


Dan a.k.a. “The Coconut Cowboy”…

leadin’ the way on vocals & guitar.

“Aloha” Steve on steel guitar

John “The Hot Cowboy” on bass guitar

Lewis “Thunder” Rainbow” on drums,